A reflection of the culture we live in

While visiting eating disorder recover\related webistes you get automated advertisements as we all do based on keywords related to the website.
I’ve seen to many like this, here are two I saw next to each other awhile back:

“Lose weight fast! 20lbs in two weeks!”
And then next to it:
“Anorexia treatment. Find a recovery center near you.”

And today I saw these three lined up:

1 Tip for a Flat Belly :
Cut down 3 lbs Belly Fat every week just by using this 1 Weird Old Tip.

Womens Anorexia Stories
Real Anorexia Stories From Real Women On A Womens Community Website

Eating Disorder Treatment Information, Resources and Recovery

Now is that not a reflection of the culture we live in or what?

The Alli Diet Plan

I am so tired of yet once again another ignorant diet\weight loss ad to add the pile of fat-phobic material to burn.

The Alli Diet Program, the low-fat ultra happy-happy thin-thin program.
One of their commercials offends me to say the least.
It basically goes like this
You eat when you’re happy, you eat when you’re bored, sometimes you don’t know why you’re eating at all. Alli teaches you the right way to use food.”

Ahem. Teaches you?
Oh, okay so I shouldn’t eat a whole box of Oreos. Oh! I see! Eat a vegetable stir-fry instead & only eat when I’m hungry. Oh, thank you Alli for teaching me not to overeat. My overeating problems are over, see, I just didn’t know any better.

You teach someone the right way to match clothes, you teach someone the right way to cook pasta, you do not simply teach a compulsive overeater\binge eater to not abuse food.
It’s exactly the same mentality that people have had towards anorectics\bulimics, that they just need to be taught that what they’re doing is bad.

Ah, I can’t remember the commercial word-for-word, but I’ll listen in next time it passes over my TV screen.

Ten tips on how to become a successful artist

If you want to be a musician, an author, movie script writer or if you dream of your paintings being displayed in the Metropolitan Museum of Art, then here are ten sure-fire ways to get you there. Follow in the footsteps of the most successful ones that came before you.

If you are an Enneagram type Four (the sensitive, withdrawn, expressive, dramatic, self-absorbed & depressive type), then this sould all come easy to you.
But hey, none of this stuff is really that hard to do.

Number One: Obviously, have a talent for whatever your artistic career choice.   

Number Two: Have a troubled childhood. An alcoholic mother, a distant father, an older brother who compulsively steals are all good starts for your  work.

Number Three: Have a mental illness, depression, bipolar, personality disorders & etc. all feed your artistic skill. If you do not have a mental illness then develop a drug addiction that causes horrendous mood swing. Or better yet, if you do have a mental illness develop a drug addiction anyway. It’s a double-whammie.

Number Four: Commit some sort of crime. Whether it be a misdemeanor or a felony, you can express this troubled time of your life in your work. And, you will get publicity when this chunk of you life is later unearthed when you are famous. Or commit a crime after you have become famous.

Number Five: Complain about everything. How the world is always getting you down, how your girlfriend is a cheating slut, that your boss is underpaying you. Take it out in your artistic ventures.

Number Six: Strike up a friendship with other disturbed artists, listen to music like Pink Floyd & Nirvana & complain to your kindred spirit of your troubles. Then, go get plastered.

Number Seven: When you get your big break, remember to smile & act as if you are ontop of the world, then go home & drink, smoke whatever, rock back & forth in the fetal postition, beat out your car windows with a baseball bat.

Number Eight: Why I do not suggest actually dying, at least almost die when your fame is at its peak.

Number Nine: Become a hermit. Do not socialize with anyone that you do not have to. Become bitter & tired & angry at the world that has caused you so much grief. By this point, you will probably wish you would have become a chef, a florist, an office manager, or even a car salesman.  

Number Ten: Have multiple divorces, fight with your spouse of child custody. Try to convince him\her that you have no idea where that ‘mystery’ STD came from, or that you’ve never met that person who was sending you naughty texts on your phone.

I hope these ten tips give you some insight on the typical career of the disturbed artist. It seems that the disturbed ones always have the best stuff. Hmmmm.
Oh wait! I forgot about blowing all your big money & going into debt. Oh well, that’s optional I suppose.

I would make a top ten tips list for politicians but you know what those would be. Have a charming smile, become respected, sell out your values for payout from big corporations, have some gay & or straight affairs, get sacked for some ethical violations & etc.

I hope you found my advice helpful.

Summer is coming…

It’s been too long since I’ve posted here, too long.
Oh well that being said what is on my mind today is dread, dread of Summer not only because of the insufferable heat here but because it’s that time of year where it’s all about how to get a bikini body.
Ohhhhhh dear Lord spare me!

Please don’t let it be Valerie Bertinelli in a bikini again… I don’t care about How She Did It, how she or whoever else accomplished The Dream & is now living amongst the gods of thinness.
“Oh I only eat steamed vegetables & salads & only meat that’s been grilled! And my trainer (they always have several damn trainers) is soooooo great he\she teaches me how to eat (aren’t we supposed to let our bodies choose what we eat?). Oh! Being thin & pretty has made my life so great!”

I don’t really want to look like I’m made of ticky-tacky.
All made of ticky-tacky, and they all look the same.”

That ends my steamed-rant.

Medication to treat binging in bulimics

The prescribing of appetite-reducing medication to bulimics has recently caught my attention. Whereas I was originally on the fence about it, I am more leaning toward not doing this. I stumbled upon this while surfing a topic on We Bite Back about topiramate (Topamax) that had veered toward whether or not to give meds to help curb eating-disordered binging.

I don’t think any medication that causes substantial weight loss or gain should be used in early ED recovery unless absolutely necessary.
The medication of discussion was topiramate which is an anticonvulsant used in treating seizures & occasionally mood disorders.
Bipolar & seizure disorders are a brain condition with electrons misfiring, over firing & underfiring. This is not the case with bulimia, so it seems like this is an artificial cap on urge to binge. It’s not a physical appetite that bulimics are trying to fill.
An appetite-reducing medication is addressing the physical, not the mental.

It is basically neurological vs. psychological. Drugs like topiramate or baclofen (which is actually a muscle-relaxant)  have been used to help reduce the urge to binge, an appetite suppressant. Your first reaction may be that medication that reduces appetite is an absolute no-no for anyone with an eating disorder, but my own therapist has several clients that have taken baclofen for binge-urges.

But wait,  medications like topiramate are to treat neurological illnesses (bipolar disorder, epilepsy etc.) not psychological urges. The urge to binge is psychological, the hunger is not physical, yet a medication that reduces physical appetite is given to help a psychological hunger?

Flip the situation – then you’d give someone with depression with a loss of appetite & weight (not on purpose) a drug that increased appetite. Doesn’t it seem like you’re hitting the wrong place? Because the depression caused the appetite loss. Depression treatment, therapy, coping mechanisms, emotional & behavioral skills & etc. are worked on & the person begins to recover & appetite returns.
Unless maybe the weight loss was dangerous, or if the weight of a binge eater was well over the morbid obesity range & was also facing dangerous health risks, but in average cases it seems like this is adding a much unneeded medication.

In both cases, despite how different, the eating disturbances are caused by an underlying issue that must addressed first. You may say that it should be attacked on all levels, but the medication is not a practical long-term treatment.
It’s like giving alcoholics the medicine that makes you violently ill if you drink, it is not reliable. It’s a shortcut that is not worthwhile.

Depression on its own is difficult to address, as is deciding if it’s psychological or neurological.
But either way, the depression, coping issues, behavioral problems, emotional baggage & etc. must be addressed first as that is the cause of the psychological hunger.
And, giving a drug that reduces appetite to someone with an eating disorder is a potentially dangerous thing to do.

What if, you give a bulimic undergoing both psychological treatment for her binging & purging who with the medication & with the psych treatment has been free of the psychological urge to binge. But now her appetite is reacting to physical cues rather than emotional ones, the medicine is reducing her appetite which then causes weight loss, which then triggers an anorexic cycle, which then trigger a bulimic relapse.
This is theoretical of course, but it’s not unlikely scenario.

This needless dispense of medications ups the risk of side effects as well.
Besides, do we really need more meds thesedays?

Daylight Savings Time To Go

I have never been a fan of this (“Spring Forward\Fall Back”), it is not appropriate to interfere with circadian rhythm. And for highly sensitive people like me, it is even more a nuisance. I didn’t get to sleep until 4-5 in the morning  last night(biological time 3-4). One hour makes much more than an hours difference for me, and now is not the time for my sleep to be tinkered with. I have been having enough insomnia lately without the spring forward (all lower case letter spelling intended). The original idea was to give people more daylight time after work, I think that idea is outdated, we’ve tried this & twice every year I hear of all the ways it does more harm than good.

So my rant is over with one more thing to say: it’s time to stop tinkering with time.

20 fewer calories, is it important?

Advertisers are always eager to boast about their new reduced-calorie\low-fat\low-sugar product. Sometimes the amount they reduced their product (like grape juice with 35% less added sugar, not a bad thing to do) isn’t a bad thing to advertise, but at times it is ridiculous.

Take the new commercial for Light & Fit yogurt; Heidi Klum (dumb ad for her to do, honestly) is eating a container of Light & Fit yogurt, she takes her finger & scrapes out container of the yogurt she finished, slurping as if it is the best yogurt ever. A woman near her declares ‘wow, only 80 calories’ & Heidi says ‘yep.’ Then a voice compares their yogurt to the “other leading brand” that has 100 calories compared to Light & Fit’s 80 calorie yogurt.

Now, does this really matter? 20 calories less? 20 calories is nothing, 20 calories less a day for example will not cause any weight loss or any other effect. 100 calories vs 80 calories, to put it in simple terms IT DOESN’T MATTER.

And even more unimportant, a can of Sugar-Free Altoids Smalls reads on the back “35% fewer calories than our regular mints. Calorie content has been reduced from 0.8 to 0.5 calories per 0.2g of mints.”
Serving size is one mint (0.2g), if you do the math that means that 50 small mints with sugar are 40 calories. The sugar-free mints are 25 calories per 50 small mints. A difference of 15 calories, which matters even less than the yogurt.
I think even calorie-obsessed anorectics may laugh at this, I sure did.

If you see any more ads like this I’d like to hear about them, keep your eyes & ears peeled as I do not doubt that there are more like this.